Mountain Bike Trail

Our Meylandt mountain bike trail consists of three loops totalling 43 km.
The green loop weaves through the wooded, sloping part of Bolderberg and the Meylandt nature reserve.
You reach the De Schacht mine site and Laambroeken nature reserve via a couple of winding paths.
Show what you are made of on the steep slopes!
Do you enjoy battling through sand and mud? Then choose the small red loop.
The Everselse woods form the largest off-road area in Heusden-Zolder.

  • Starting points:
    • Cycling center, Terlaemen 30
    • Sport Hall Zolder, Dekenstraat 22
    • Sport Hall Eversel, Padbroekweg 1
  • Distances:
    • green loop: 25.5 km (85% off road)
    • blue loop: 20 km (60% off road)
    • red loop: 8 km (70% off road)